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 4.75/5 (949 Reviews)


The Idea

Hello there! The InstantIV Team has been patiently waiting over the years to finally release our hydration powder! We didn’t want just to throw random ingredients in a packet, load it with sugar, ship it out to the world, and call it a “Hydration Multiplier” 

We sat down with leading experts, studied the data, and formulated a powder that has just the right amount of Salt, Electrolytes, and Glucose that accelerates how your body replenishes its nutrients! 

Doing Things Differently

Unlike other hydration powders we wanted to make sure the ingredients that went into InstantIV all played a roll in the execution of one simple task... TO HYDRATE YOU!

Each ingredient was hand picked to work together to fuel your body and replenish your electrolytes efficiently. 

Just Getting Started

We've come a very long way in our first year, but we have so much further to go. We believe in smart hydration worldwide. We believe in a product that gives you all of the right ingredients, none of the bad ones. And above all we believe in our audiences' opinions. We are always making improvements so please reach out to us with any suggestions!

Learn What People Are Saying
About InstantIV

 4.75/5 (949 Reviews)

The Reviews Speak For Themselves.

Amazing Nutrition

"The Lemon Lime is the bomb. I use the hydration packs like this daily; this is probably my favorite flavor. I would highly suggest trying it. InstantIV is actually a bit less expensive than the others too, so you know you are getting a good deal. I won't buy anything else."

- Mike S.

"This product is amazing. Tried so many other products, and most give me a stomach ache. InstantIV does not.... i can drink it before, during, and after exercise with no stomach issues. Totally hooked."

- Eric G.

Taste and simply

"Great flavors! I bought one of the multi packs and have tried all 3. I was delightfully surprised at how good the strawberry banana was, it doesn't taste artificial. They're right though, it does taste better then other brands I've tried and I like that it has less sugar. I give it two thumbs up!

- Jason W.

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